Is your name Google? because you have everything we’ve been searching for.

Interested??? Ok, a little cheesy. How about this?

Are you a bank loan? Because you got my interest.

Ok… that didn’t work either. Ahhhh, forget it.

To get straight to the point (finally), we are looking for some real change-agents to come in here and help us out. To make a substantial contribution to our team, we need someone who is outstanding and works hard.

Let's not make this overly complicated—your main job is to act as the tip of the spear for leading sales growth by prospecting and cultivating leads. You will be set up for success on our team and have access to the best resources in the business. With daily analysis and optimization of each touchpoint, your efforts will be concentrated on email, phone, social media, and follow-up.

It's a lot of hard work, creative work, nerd work (looking at charts and such), grunt work, and juggling multiple balls. Ultimately, success is ensuring the sales team is full of leads and is 'snappin' necks and cashin' checks' due to your excellent work. (Note: they don't actually snap anyone's necks, ain't nobody got time for unnecessary workers comp claims.) This is an entry level position, but after you’ve proven yourself with your amazing abilities, you’ll be able to quickly climb the proverbial corporate ladder and end up with the job of your dreams. (Another Note: We’ve hired this very position many times and have helped turn people into some of the top sales people in the state).


  • Develop, execute, and optimize outbound campaigns that align with business goals.
  • Oversee copy creation, call scripts, follow-up cadences, and other tactics to ensure our message is resonating with target customers.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customers, products, and the buyers' journey.
  • Relentless follow-up with potential prospects.
  • Creativity with strategy and tactics.
  • Meet and exceed goals and metrics that make sense for where we are as a company and the realistic progress we need.


  • We value competence, work ethic, and low drama above ALL ELSE.
  • No direct experience is necessary, but a proven track record of competence, work ethic, reliability, and willingness to learn will be critical.
  • Proven experience engaging with people in a professional, friendly, and emotionally intelligent manner.
  • HubSpot and social media experience are a plus.


  • These are the days everyone dreams of - a true startup with a small team. This means you get to play a massively important role in shaping our success, culture, and future. And it'll be one of the funnest (we know it's not a 'real' word) experiences of your life. You will work with some fantastic people that will quickly become your friends for life. Promise. You'll also work with some amazing brands and become an expert in ambassador marketing.
  • Remote first work policy with optional office environment in Lehi or SLC, Utah.
  • Mostly paid for medical, dental, and vision insurance with a generous HSA match. We're a startup, so it's not all paid for, but it is really close. You'll be very happy with it.
  • Company stock options. We are in the early days, so now is the time to jump aboard—lots of growth ahead.
  • There are lots of fun team bonding events that always involve food.
  • Parental Leave
  • Unlimited PTO-you are an adult. We're not going to count, but we will make sure you're taking time off.
  • There are more things that we haven't even thought of that you are going to suggest to us after you join the team.

About Wooly:

At Wooly, we firmly believe that authenticity is the truest form of influence. We are out to change the world of D2C marketing by helping brands generate authentic word-of-mouth referrals utilizing their most passionate customers. As such, we create software that helps brands build engaged communities with their customers, scale personal connections, and amplify advocacy through authentic content. Wooly helps brands make their community feel seen and appreciated with features that automate and scale brand engagement. We have a team with a long history in social media marketing, and we act as a highly consultative and attentive partner, helping shape a brand's community strategy.